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Location is Everything


Any Questions Will Be Answered By Our Experienced Professionals

Why Long Island Mobile Home Leasing Corp?

Long Island Mobile is a family owned company that works to understands your needs and provide a personal touch. We will always put you and your family first in accommodating your needs, even in the most difficult of times, we are here, to keep you home.

Where do I begin?

You can call our main office, send in an email or take advantage of our online chat for immediate assistance. Once we have some basic information, a field representative will come to visit your property, usually within 24 hours.

How do I know the home will fit on my property?

At no cost, we will come and inspect your site and the roads that lead to your property.

How long does delivery and Install take?

We provide peace of mind knowing that LIMobileHomes.com is a reputable NYS Certified Retailer and Installer will deliver and completely set-up your new home in one day.

What information do you need from me?

Basic contact information, address, the make-up of your family and your pets. When applicable, we will also need your homeowner’s insurance claim number, the name of your insurance company as well as your adjuster’s name and number.

Do you bill the insurance company or me?

When related to your homeowner’s insurance, we deal directly with the carriers for direct payment. When there is no insurance claim involved, we bill you direct.

Are there any out-of-pocket expenses?

The only out-of-pocket expense is a refundable security deposit, which in most cases your insurance company will cover through an advance of insurance proceeds. If no damage occurs, the security deposit is completely refunded.

How do my utilities get connected?

When delivered, the connection of the water, waste and electricity are coordinated by our expert staff making this effortless for you.

Are permits required for a temporary mobile home?

In most cases the answer is yes, however, we will take care of all the necessary permit applications, for you.

What about site preparation before delivery?

Our field representative will be outline what needs to be completed and we can work with you to make this as easy as possible. In most cases there is no work required.

How soon can I expect delivery?

While site conditions, permitting weather can affect delivery, in most cases we can deliver your home, furnished, within 24 hours.

Are pets permitted?

We understand Pets are part of your family. Pet friendly models are available.

Do you have additional floor plans beyond examples shown on the products page?

Yes, we have a wide array of floor plans and with our expansive inventory of industry leading homes.

Can I view the unit before delivery?

Units are always available on-site at our Corporate Headquarters in Medford, New York for your inspection prior to delivery.

Does the home come with furniture?

Our homes are delivered furnished upon request at no additional cost. Our team will work with your family to outline your specific needs ahead of the home being delivered.

Does the home come with appliances?

All appliances are included to our customers. Washing Machines and Dryers (most with laundry areas). Most of our homes are also outfitted with Dishwashing Machines as well as TV’s.

How does the HVAC work?

Our homes are outfitted with central air for the summer and during the colder months they are maintained by forced hot air electric heat.

What if something brakes or I have a problem after the home is delivered?

You will be provided a number that is monitored 24/7. You simply call and one of our experienced in-house service technicians will contact to you.